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~**~ To the home of ~**~

Fairy Amethyst Dream

I am a Fairy for the Cherished Teddies' team

I just got my training wings, and plan on putting them to GREAT use....

Meet Amethyst Rose, My adopted Teddy... she's going to be helping me with all my dusting and shouting at Shout it out!

~ * * ~ S p r i n k l e S p r i n k l e ~ * * ~
~ * * ~ D u s t D u s t ~ * * ~

Fairy Amethyst Dream
Is making a fuss!!!

I just came by
to spread some cheer..
And found a lot of spirit here!!!
Your site is neat....
Your site is GREAT!!!
Your spirit we appreciate!!!

Remember to... each and every day...
Show your spirit in a Site Fight's Way!!!
A stop at.. SHOUT IT OUT
Will be sure, to let it out!!!

I've dusted your site...
with Fairy Spirit dust so bright!!!

And here's your own "Spirit Sick" to pass ... ALL RIGHT!!!

~**~ More things for you to do! ~**~

Get the votes you need! Cherished Teddies Buddy Program!
Read the Cherished Teddies Newsletter
Make sure you Adopt a Cherished Teddy!
Join the Cherished Teddies Webring

ICQ # 17088418
Email me ~**~
Visit me anytime!
Good luck to you!!!

Next you will see some gifts for me! :o)
Becoming a Site Fight's Fairy is very special you know?
I have to be sure to let my spirit show!!!!!
So the first one here.. is a Spirit Stick, that's all mine.. so I can pass it on to everyone who may need a lil boost!! :o)

And this one is for showing that I DO have Spirit...

Thank you sooo much DSpirit!!! I will cherish these always!!

And DLight says that I'm special.. and I was awarded this next one!
How pretty!!! Thank you DLight!!!!

And From DSpirit again... you've touched MY heart with this!!! Thank
You soooo much ... again ... I hope to prove worthy!

And from DFairy... look here!!! :o) Thank you DFairy!!!!

And just today.. *22 August 98** I got a special welcome gift from Lady Garfield, DTiger Fairy/Wee One Leader. Thanks for welcoming me Lady Garfield!!!! :o)

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