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Hi, and thank you for taking the time to stop by my page featuring my MIA LCPL Edward J. Rykoskey.

My name is Roni, and I live in Jacksonville, NC with my husband Doug and three children, Justin, Mitchell and Devrie. My husband is an active duty Marine stationed at Camp LeJeune.

When Doug was in Saudi Arabia, I was scared. I prayed and prayed that nothing would happen to him, and that God would see him back to me unharmed, whole, and in one piece. Well, luckily, I got my prayer answered. God has plans for us. However, thousands of Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Wives and friends have never had their prayers answered, and are still wondering "where is my loved one"? What's happened?

I've always been a patriotic person, my mamma raised me well, and my daddy was in the Army during Viet Nam. Gosh, how different it would have been had it been my dad that didn't return. But I was a lucky one. And thankfully, I have never had to go through what the POW/MIA families now have in front of them.

When Doug asked me to help him with his page, I did so because I love him, and not out of a genuine concern myself. However, in the course of searchin page after page, looking and investigating for my husband, my interest was peaked. My heart was touched and my soul compelled to create my own page.

So... following is what I have come up with. I have Edward's bracelet, and am now wearing it continually. Where-ever you are dear Edward Rykoskey, I pray for you every night.... and for those with you.

Please stop by often, as my page will be updated regularly.

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