Amethyst Moon Dancer's PFI Rules Page
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Amethyst Moon Dancer's
PFI *Phrase Fill In* Rules
Here you will find what I allow, and what I dont! :o)

My games are brought to you everyday.. two games per morning courtesy of Caretaker SnowKatze. Please be sure to show your appreciation. ;o)

PFI or Phrase Fill in is very similar to Acromania. The difference that I see is simply the hoster.

I will give you a group of letters... you will then, using those letters as the first letter in each word, make a phrase.

Example :: WTG :: Way to go

I host TWO games every day.. same place.. same time! The first game will be 10 rounds of multiple entries allowed. The second game will be 5 rounds of single entry only! When we do single entry, only the winner of the round will get their points. That's the way the hoster does it.... not me. Remember second game ONLY your LAST phrase will be accepted. AND ONLY if you WIN the round will you receive points.

If you want to vote, you MUST submit a phrase.. additionally, if you want to submit a phrase, you MUST vote too. I will call a countdown of 10 seconds for each. Get your phrases and votes in on time.

The purpose of this game is to USE THE LETTERS given. I don't mind one or two add ons (IE: using _ - * . or whatever between words). But please.. don't get carried away. More than a couple, and the entry will be flagged.

Voting for the same person repeatedly constitutes cheating. I will out you from the game if I catch you cheating. If you feel I have made a poor choice.. wait till AFTER the game, we will call a Guide or Caretaker and discuss it then.

Please be courteous to voters, and keep the chattering down to a minimum during the vote, as your comments scroll the screen. I don't mind talking back and forth.. just don't go nutso! **LOL**

This is a PG-13 game. Even though it is held in a turf... the turf is in a free area. It's up to my discretion what is or is not appropriate. If you have a problem with me flagging your entry, wait till AFTER the game. We can call a Guide or a Caretaker and settle it then. Nothing crude will be accepted.

I DO NOT tolerate disruptions during my game. I consider anything that takes my attention away from the game and my player's phrases a disruption. I will give one warning. After that, you WILL be booted from the turf, and locked out.

The doors to the turf are locked aprox. 15 minutes after the game starts. If you are running late.. or want to come to the second game only... esp me and let me know. I will unlock the turf for you! *S*

I do my best to rotate the prizes. All prizes will be glued to the floor. There are two games.. so two sets of three. The winner of the first game gets their choice... and the second game winners get the others.

In the event of a tie... ALL TIES.. you will ROLL THE DICE to decide the order of the winner. This will save time, hassle an confusion.

These rules are subject to change without notice, please check back often!

Mwwwaaaaahahahahahahah Happy PFI'in everyone!

Amethyst Moon Dancer

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