Mr. Dell Fee's Story
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Help Mr. Dell Fee get his memory back!
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Greetings all you wonderful VZones Citizens!

My name is Mr. Dell Fee. I have been around this virtual world since Heck was a pup. BUT! About a year ago, I got sick, hit my head, and went into a year long sleep. Now that I'm awake, I do remember a lot of things, but not as much as I should. So.... What I want you to do is help me get my memory back. I remember items, but not their names. Can you search throughout the Delphi area, and let me know what you find?

Here's what you have to do! Amethyst Moon Dancer has agreed to help me with this task. So, go to the page that will be linked to her avi (when we start that is! LOL) and read all the clues you find there. Print them or keep the web page open. Then... search the 5 rooms of the Delphi Free area that are down stairs. When you think you have found the name of the object the clue points to.. write it down. Once you have found them all.. esp them to Amethyst Moon Dancer. Please send your complete list in as the FIRST complete and correct list wins 1st place, the second 2nd place and the third 3rd place. Please send the clues as such..

Locale name: Item name


Delphi Forum Entry: Floor

If no complete and correct entries are received then Amethyst will go through the esps and find the ones that are closest to being correct and complete.

The searching will begin at 15 minutes after the hour. You will have till 15 minutes before the hour in which to complete your sleuthing.

Good luck everyone and PLEASE!!!! HURRY!!!!!!

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