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Your clues to help Mr. Dell Fee

1. I used this to make the right connections!

2. Scoops are Us should be the name! Current event's is it's game!

3. My mother always said I would move up in the world!

4. If my memory serves me correctly, I think there's something out there!

5. Waste not Want not!

6. You can call me anything you want.. but don't call me late for dinner!

7. I think I'm blowing my fueses remembering all these clues!

8. This item holds a secret! To find the young, and young at heart, click here for a great start!

9. Up and down it goes, where it stops nobody knows!

10. Reflections of an avi??

11. Green and leafy! So very pretty!

12. You used to be able to get to Club Connect from here! Now it's somethingnew I fret!

13. If I remember, this held three items each for every member!

14. Top 'O da morning well dressed avi!

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