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Hello!!! And welcome to my little corner of the WWW!!! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your vist! Please, Email me some time! *S*

You will find links on this page to just about everything that interests me. Well, Okay.. not near everything.. but a lot!

I am very concerned about our POW's and MIA's. I have adopted a POW and you can to! Please stop by Operation Just Cause and see if there isn't something you can do for our Americans still on far away shores! They do, after all... belong "Buried in, or walking on AMERICAN soil!"

If you're intersted in the addresses for your Elected Officials. I have those listed here as well. Please take a minute, write to whom ever from your state, and ask why our people are still unaccounted for! Thank you!!!

To write to the White House.. the President, First Lady or the Vice President Click Here

To write to your Congressmen Click Here

To write to your Senators Click Here

I am also involved in the "First Internet Sport".. The one and only... Site Fights! There's a lot to do around there. If you think your site fits the bill.. why not join up and try it out! I am DFluff... assistant team leader for the Cherished Teddies. I am also a Spirit Fairy for the same team. My alter ego's name is Amethyst Dream. I have a lot of fun with the Site Fights and have learned a lot!

Are you fighting the ever present "Battle of the Bulge"? If so.. I have a web site for you!!! My parent's have developed a weight loss system that has been experiencing AWESOME results! It's called Ultra Weight Loss Systems 2000. Why not go to the business site and check it out for your self!

I'm also interested in web design. I love making graphics and working up sites for others. I'm new yet. But I'm getting much better as I go with a "little help from my friends"!! :o) The background here isn't mine, however, I did letter the buttons and make the two teddy bear graphics you see. If you're interested in custom graphics by me, or even a web page, just email me and let me know!

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Make sure you visit the sight below. This man is absolutly WONDERFUL! And as honest as you are ever going to get. Believe me!!!! HONESTY is hard to come by these days!

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