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This is me... Mitchell And this is me... Devrie

Thanks for stopping in to play!

There's a lot to do around here, so ... grab a snack, get comfy and join us for some great fun! First, a little about us! :) My name is Mitch, and I am 5 years old. I'm getting ready for school to start, and am REAL excited! And I'm Devrie, I'm only 1 but I'm a lot of fun! We both LOVE to play outside, eat fruit snacks and sit on mom and dad's lap. Our daddy is a United States Marine and we are REAL proud of him!! "We Love you Daddy". Our mommy stays at home and cleans our house, and makes us stuff to eat. She plays with us too. We have an older brother Justin who is 13 and boy oh boy is he a pain! He's always nagging at us, but we love him a lot!

We have a pet love bird named Cupie and a pet turtle named Donny. Daddy found Donny out in the field and saved him from getting marched on by Marines! Brother Justin has a dog named Joey Botz and he's a lot of fun!

We wanted our own home page, so mommy and daddy said it would be ok. (Actually, they're helping more than we are! *S*) Check back often, because mom and dad always update their sites, and will do the same to ours!


We both LOVE Disney... so make sure you check out their site!

This is my (Devrie) favorite site. It's a great place to find Barney and Friends! Mitch doesn't approve, says Barney is for babies.. but HEY... what AM I??? *S*

And this is my (Mitch) favortie dog in the world.. check this out, you can color, read and play games here....

Some more neat links that we think you'd like are....

Web pages for kids
The Lego place
Blue's Clues
PBS.. You know, Arthur, Teletubbies... that kind of thing
Billy Bear's Page
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Well, thanks for playing with us... we'll add more later, but it's bed time, and we're both tired! You can Email us if you want to!


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