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~**~ Welcome to the home of DFluff ~**~

Hello there, and welcome to my home. I am DFluff, assistant team leader to the Cherished Teddies. We are just one of the many teams in the Site Fights. What are the Site Fights? Well, it's a great way to make new friends, have tons of fun and get lots of traffic to your web page! There's a lot to do with the Site Fights. We vote and cheer on our teams... we win awards and pass around the spirit. Why not go there now and sign up your site? Just follow the link at the bottom of my page that says "Join"

I just had to put these two things in here at the top part of my page! I want to show everyone what I got!!! *S* Fairy Beltaine who is also in the Site Fights has made me two very special gifts. This is what the Site Fights moto stands for.. "Where fighting for friendship and fun begins"... you make wonderful friends here.. and this is just an example. Thanks Fairy Beltaine.. you've really touched my heart!!!!

My duties as the team assistant vary. I make graphics, and send out spirit letters... I write the team newsletter and run the adoptions center. I'm also here for any questions that fighters may have. We are a close knit team, with a lot of willing people to help you make it to the "DDome"

We have all kinds of different activities around the Site Fights. There's a place to color, and a contest to find "DSpot". All the teams have their own contests that run weekly and daily, and have lots of awards to win.

We also have adoption centers where you can adopt just about anything your heart desires. Below you will find a few that I myself have adopted. But first.. let me tell you about my OTHER ego.. :o)

I am also "Fairy Amethyst Dream". What I do as a Fairy for the site fights is to sign guest books (or as we call it... DUST them!) I help fighters and nominate sites for the different awards of the Fairy Realm. We also check for broken links and to make sure that fighters have their voting URL and banner up.

So... if this all sounds like fun to you... join us! I promise you won't be sorry!!! :o)

~**~ Now on to the adoptions!!!~**~

This here is Amethyst Rose... she is my adopted teddy for Amethyst Dream. She makes sure Amethyst doesn't miss anything when she's checking those sites, and also helps out a lot in other ways!!!

Meet my adopted Wombat.  Her name is Sweetie Pie DWombat
and she helps me keep the spirit of the fights!

Sweetie Pie wants you to keep the spirit.
So she's handing out spirit sticks!
Please take one with you... and shout about your team!!

Meet Sweetie Pie's baby brother ...
The one... the only...
DChamp Beeper Itchkie Pops

Isn't he cute!  Oh no... he needs a hug!
**hug hug hug**
Awwww it's okay!!!!!


The newest member of our family is an adopted Dragon from the Dragon Orphanage at Darksbane! Isn't he cute??? His name is "Lil Puff". You can get one too... just click on his adoption cerificate, or Lil puff himself and they will take you there!!! :o)

I adopted a spirit from the site fights... you can too!

My fairy spirit watches over these pages..
And sprinkles fairy dust on all my visitors!
Have a magical day!!!!!



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